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Hospital Waste Management and Infection Control (HWM&IC) are the most urgent topics in most hospitals in emerging countries and countries in transition. A practical HWM&IC policy plan will guide the hospital staff to practice the rules and regulations to reduce waste accidents and infections in the hospital.

This course is meant for hospital management, responsible for development of a practical hospital waste & infection control policy plan in a hospital (HWM&IC committee). The outcome is a hospital waste management & infection control plan specific for the hospital. 

The course program goes into theory and practice of waste management and infection control in ten days.


After this course the participants are able to:

  • Prepare participants to implement Waste Management and Hygiene programs, in terms of content and process.
  • Prepare participants to make a hospital waste and infection control plan.
  • Offer the necessary knowledge to apply a proper hospital waste management system following the WHO, JCI and IFC guidelines.
  • Design a hospital waste and infection management plan.
  • Offer the tools for implementation of hygiene safety, infection prevention/control and waste management procedures.


  • Effective teaching
  • Different learning methods
  • Patient centricity FISH/Disney
  • Hospital waste policy
  • Treatment of different Hospital waste categories
  • Sharps
  • Pharmaceutical-, chemical-, genotoxic-, nuclear-, infectious-, pathological waste
  • Application of treatment and disposal methods
  • Health and safety
  • Waste management plan
  • Waste education and instruction methods
  • Infection Control
  • Hand washing policies and procedures
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Incident management


This Hospital Management Consultancy Program is a form of blended learning. It consists of face-to-face training, including theory and practice, and regular online assignments. Prior to the course and in between the weeks of training assignments are given to the participants. The assignments can be accessed from the Meduprof-S Academy. The pre-course assignment "Hopes, Fears and Expectations" can be found below. 


More specific we aim that the participants are able to practice:

1. Continuous Improvement in an Emerging Context

2. Leadership under constraints

3. Human Capacity Management

4. Resource Management

5. Financial Management

6. Operational (Lean) management

7. Management of Patient Centered Processes

8. Change Management